5 Things to Do In The Himalayas

One of the most popular holiday spots in the world, the Himalayas offer more than a hundred mountains for non-stop adventure. But what else can you do besides jumping over glaciers and sticking picks in a cliff? Here are five great activities for anyone dropping by hima and ?laya, “the abode of the snow.”
1: Hike

It’s possible to explore the beauty of the Himalayas with nothing more than a pair of hiking boots and a lot of determination. Climb the perilous peaks of Mount Everest; dip your toes into the cool waters of Lake Chandertal; stop and smell the roses at the Valley of Flowers.

2: Kayak

Kayaking is a time-honored tradition for anyone passing through Ladakh. Its feisty rivers offer a challenge for even the most experienced kayakers, making a Himalayan vacation one you’ll always remember.

3: Ski

You probably don’t imagine India as a winter wonderland, yet the cities of Kashmir and Jammu offer white snow and off-pistes as far as the eye can see. Some visitors claim that Himalayan skiing is second only to the famous Alps. Take a look at the best ski resorts that you would surely enjoy together with your family or friends.

4: Ride

Saddle up and travel one of the more sedate trails of the Himalayas by horseback. You can also make stops at certain villages where the elephants will be more than happy to take you for a ride, too.

5: Fly

How many people can say they saw the Himalayas from three hundred feet high? Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Sikkim, Bengal and Darjeeling with a helicopter tour that will leave you breathless.

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