An Exceptionally Magnificent Time in Norway

Have you ever been to India, Brazil, Egypt, Kenya and other tropical countries of the world and yet you still long to explore more different sights? Why not try going somewhere in the Northern part of the world where other astounding vision awaits you?

One destination that captures the hearts of travellers is the country of Norway. This is a land with jagged forests and snowy peaks, deep-blue black fjords, and tranquil landscapes that will surely captivate your heart when you visit for the very first time.

People who are quite afraid of the cold weather might wonder what they will be able to do in a country surrounded by snow and located in the Arctic tundra. Fret not because a time in Norway usually involves a lot of exciting activities that every age will surely enjoy. For the adventurous type, there’s skiing, paragliding, motor sports, rafting, climbing, diving and parachuting. You surely want to catch your breath with these high-adrenaline activities that you’ll definitely want to ask for more, and there’s a lot to learn from the dugnad in Norway, don’t you think?

Activities however are not limited to these extreme sports only, but for the nature lover by heart, Norway offers a fair share of all the wondrous places for sightseeing. You can go for a wildlife safari, round trips to theme parks or a coastal cruise would seem rather appropriate. Although there are all sorts of transportation available in this country, if you truly want to enjoy the comfort of travelling, you could opt for rental car( gå her for bilutleie ) instead of the public ride. This way, you have full control of where you want to go.

When in Norway, never miss the chance to drive over at Laerdal where the world’s longest passageway will be seen or discover Jugendstil architecture by artsy Ålesund. You could also compare Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” versions in both Norway’s gallery and Munch Museum or go to Oslo and roam the Vigeland sculpture Park. Every part of this country definitely brings something for all ages to love.

Other than sightseeing and adventurous sports, a place in Norway called Bergen has different festivals that one would surely love. From the famous Night Jazz, which is Northern Europe’s longest jazz festival, to the famous Bergenfest where music lovers would certainly enjoy. And, who wouldn’t love the Bergen Food festival, a chance to taste all the delightful, sumptuous dishes showcasing all the riches of Norway itself. From fish and seafood to fruits and vegetables and other delectable dishes, one can only imagine. There are rental car in Bergen that can lead you to all the right tourist spots saving you time to be able to visit more places. To fully enjoy the trip make sure your car rental is reliable and within your budget. Click here for cheap car hire and get the most of your holiday.

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