Boating this year! What to know

With today’s stresses and daily grinds, going on vacation has never been so rewarding. Any boating enthusiast, or even, anyone who fancies sailing on a boat for a vacation should seriously consider going on a boating vacation! Cheaper accommodation, complete freedom on where to go, and some really great bonding time with whoever you are with! I decided to go with Alec’s trolling motor recommendation and it’s been great.

Some areas where you can rent a boat could be in the Caribbean, British Canals, Italy, Greek Isles, parts of France, or even Florida. The places are endless where you can rent a boat, however, if you do plan on renting a boat there are a few things you should know:

When renting a boat, the only thing you need is a valid driver’s license, if you under the age of eighteen, you must take a boaters course. However, there also is a course you can take if you have never driven a boat before, which some marinas highly suggest, usually around fifty dollars.

One thing to look for, would be pricing for your potential boat. The price varies for each destination, so make sure you look up the pricing, to make sure you get the best deal. Some rental marinas have you pay by the hour, and some you can pay per day. Also, pricing varies for the type of boat you rent; there are speed boats, pontoon boats, yachts, or something smaller like pedal boats.

Then once you pick out your rental boat you must get to know where everything is located, before you get into the open water. For example: you should know where the boat lines, life jackets, fuel as well as other equipment that is needed for smooth sailing.

The boat lines are ropes that attach the boat to the dock. There is a certain technique to tying the lines to the dock, and if it is not done properly, your boat may come loose.

Passengers that are under the age of twelve must wear a life jacket, and there must be enough life jackets for each passenger. However, in some areas life jackets are required for all passengers on the boat at all times.

So now you are ready to go boating out in the open water; whether it is a lake, river, or even an ocean, there are many fun activities while out in the water. There is tubing, knee boarding, water skiing, you could fish, or you could just go out for a drive. The possibilities are endless, depending on what type of boat you rent.

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