Brazil 2014: Top 5 Safety Tips

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While Brazil has always been an interesting destination on the travel calendar, it has also been a country that has been ravaged with danger over the years. Nobody can doubt that it can be one of the most exotic and cultural places to visit, but on the other hand if you are not careful your safety can be put in jeopardy.

With the World Cup set to be held in Brazil in 2014, some would argue that the country is set to become even more dangerous. Even though local infrastructure is going to be improved and the country will feel much more commercial, at the same time there are more people for criminals to target. Bearing this in mind, if you are going to travel to Brazil for the forthcoming football tournament, here are my top five safety tips that you should take on the plane with you.

Try and stay in a tourist friendly region

This is a tip that should probably apply long before you even get on the plane. One of the unfortunate issues about the World Cup is that it is going to drive accommodation prices up, although nobody can really speculate by how much. In Ukraine, at the recent Euro 2012 event, many fans opted to not visit the nation due to the astronomical increase in hotel costs. Following the mistakes made in that competition, you would hope that the Brazilians will remain realistic in 2014.

Nevertheless, the point that is being made is not to simply book the cheapest hotel that springs up on your travel comparison website. Instead, dedicate hours of research into finding not only the best hotels for your budget, but the best areas of Brazil. Try and stay in a region that is designed for tourists and avoid those backstreet places which are going to be quiet. The busier your area – the safer you will be at all hours.

Don’t buy from ticket touts

There has been a big crackdown on ticket touts over the years, but there are still going to be some lurking around and don’t be surprised if you get offered tickets from third party sellers. If this does occur, ignore the price they are quoting you and swiftly walk past. Many of these sellers are just trying to rip you off and with FIFA implementing some tough policies in regards to ticket legitimacy, there is a big chance that any you buy off the street won’t even get you in. Suffice to say, if this does occur, you will miss the game and be out of pocket at the same time.

Only bet on games using the internet

South American countries have many gambling rings and even though it might be tempting to try and access them, I’d urge you to stay as far away as possible. Flashing your cash in such circumstances is asking for trouble and if your bet does happen to come in, there is no legislation protecting your returns.
Instead, find an internet café and make use of online sports betting sites. A further advantage of this method is that you can also make use of football betting offers – which could maximise your returns from such bets.

Only use official means of transport

This is a tip that should be applied wherever you travel, but the stakes are raised somewhat when it comes to foreign countries. Brazil has made a point of investing billions in their transport system ahead of this tournament and bearing this in mind, there really should be no reason for you to utilize other, unofficial means. Try to keep taxi use to a minimum and if you do decide that this is the only route, make sure they look genuine. If that is difficult to ascertain, only get in one that is in a taxi zone, in a place such as an airport.

Don’t take all of your valuables out with you

Again, this is something you should abide by no matter where you are although similarly, if something does go wrong in Brazil in this regard the price could be very high. Even though some people don’t like to leave their belongings in a hotel room, if you can find a safe in your accommodation this is probably wise. The World Cup is going to attract countless pickpockets who will be looking for the slightest opportunity to go for your belongings. Therefore, firstly keep them well tucked away and secondly, carry as less cash around with you as possible.

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