The Casino de GENTING is the only casino in Malaysia.  Sitting at 6,000 ft above sea level, the casino is famous worldwide for both its gaming and its cutting edge presentation.  With over 200,000 sq feet of gaming excitement, the property’s mission is to provide the ultimate in gaming experiences.

It’s fitting that the Casino de GENTING’s root began by a bit of luck.  On April 28th, 1969, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong submitted an application for a casino license to Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.  Whether it was a stoke of luck or a bit of premeditated planning, Tong picked the very day that a cabinet meeting was to be held.

The application was presented and approved that evening with the casino beginning operations in 1971.

To this day, the Casino de GENTING has remained the only casino in Malaysia.  The property currently boast a spread of games that would even rival an online casino.  Table games at the resort include Baccarat, Blackjack, Ponton, Casino War, Mini Dice, Tai Sai, Money Wheel, and more.

In addition, electronic table games are available for players that want to play both smaller stakes and with the privacy of their own terminal.  Games are either fully automated or semi-automated with the use of a dealer and players can point and touch their bets on a private screen.  Games include Roulette Baccarat and Tai Sai/Sic Bo.

Slot machines are available through the casino in various denomination ranges from low stakes to high stakes.  Also, there is a monthly baccarat tournament for those looking for tourney action.

There is more to the Casino de Genting than the gaming.  There are numerous dining establishments on the property ranging from quick coffee houses to fine dining.  Three theme parks give the whole family something to do.  The resort hosts both an indoor and outdoor theme park as well as a water park.  Nightlight at the resort includes the Patio Bar and Lounge, a sport bar, and two nightclubs.

Finally, if one day at the resort is not enough, there are six hotels on the property.  The First World Hotel is in the Guinness World Record holder as the largest hotel in the world with 6,118 rooms.

With over 200,000 sq feet of gaming and entertainment, the Casino de GENTING has something for everyone.  For more about the property and all their features, check out the Casino de Genting website.


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