Enjoy an Exciting Arctic Experience, Visit Norway Today

Have you been dreaming of a great fjord adventure? Stop dreaming and start planning. Norway is a great destination for nature lovers who love a huge adventure. Experience exciting outdoor adventure like biking, boating and of course, who would want to miss a fjord safari? All these and more are waiting for you in Norway. Start your adventure by checking out a rental car in Bergen. Begin your adventure by getting a good car that will get you around the area more easily. Click here to compare car rental services, and choose the company that offers the right service and price that fits your budget.

Norway is a country rich in natural resources and beautiful landscape. One of the first things that usually come to mind when talking about this Scandinavian country is the enchanting and beautiful northern lights. However, Norway is more than just the captivating northern lights. The country offers a wide array of interesting places to visit which will complete a perfect holiday. Take a trip to Bergen, which is Norway’s second largest city, and discover this beautiful city of seven mountains. The city faces the fjord of Byfjorden. The place just offers pure and natural beauty to excite and refresh the soul. The climate is cool and the people are warm and friendly.

Drive around the county and explore one of Europe’s most beautiful places with a good Rental Car or bilutleie. Aside from nature tripping, you can also visit Norway’s capital city that is Oslo. Visit the Akershus Fortress that offers a very scenic view of Oslo. Enjoy canoeing and drive to Velmunden with its unspoiled landscape rich in lakes and various islands. Experience the wilderness at Femundsmarka and have fun at the Gutulia national parks. You can also spend a few days in Morgedal that is considered as the Cradle of Skiing.

Never leave Norway without spending some time enjoying the northern lights. Savor a once in a lifetime experience and be amazed with the fascinating night rainbow. The northern lights are usually seen during middle of autumn and all throughout the middle of spring. You may not see the beautiful dancing lights right away so that patience is required and of course, some warm clothing. Another interesting and unique experience you should try in Norway is the ice hotel. Enjoy an exciting arctic experience by checking out an ice hotel that is carved out of blocks of ice. Get excited and visit Norway today.

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