Five Best Reasons To Move To Canada

In 1994 and for every year since then, the United Nations has rated Canada as one of the best places to live in the world. Curious why? You may want to spend weeks seeing everything on a Canada holiday.

We’ve explored the top five reasons here. Come along as we take a look closer:

The Job Market

Canada’s unemployment rate is 6.8% at last look. That’s the lowest since 1976, and there are hundreds of new jobs being created daily. With decreasing taxes and a low inflation rate, Canada is a breath of fresh air to many countries, and it is a mecca for those craving a fresh start in the job market. Canadians keep more of their income than those of most other countries around the world. Canada stacks up as a fast-growing, clean industrialized nation. No wonder they are attracting workers from around the globe.

Health Care And Social Welfare

Let’s say you live in Canada and you get cancer. You are unable to work. You are going to be able to start treatment tomorrow. That’s because Canadians have access to free healthcare and social welfare programs that use the latest technology and software programs; for more information try this site. You are not going to lose access to housing, because Canadians have access to affordable housing.  The government is very strong about helping its people in this manner.  You will not have the stress of worrying if you will lose access to your healthcare because you lose your job and your insurance in the middle of seeking treatment.


Canada boasts one of the highest educated populations in the world. No other country spends more on subsidized education than Canada. Multiculturalism is well-supported in Canada leading to a diverse well-educated population. Canada has a high percentage of non-Canadian students as well. The universities and colleges of Canada have a strong and enduring reputation for high quality education.


Do you crave a fair justice system, strict gun control laws and cities where you feel safe? Move to Canada! Canada prides itself on making its cities safe for everyone who lives there. Live in a place where you and your family can feel safe and secure in your neighborhood.


The life expectancy in Canada is 76.5 years. Some attribute that to the clean environment. If you have a concern about global warming, some believe that Canada is the best place to ride it out. Canada offers rich natural resources and a healthy attitude towards issues like endangered species. Explore the differences as you plan your move to Canada (

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