Helpful Tips on a Virtual Assistant Usage.

With a hectic  life and twenty four hours in a day not being enough, one has to squeeze maximum activities in a fixed time.The working professionals are always hard pressed for time and need extra support or help to finish their targets successfully and on time. The top employees in big companies normally have personal assistants or secretaries where the work related to contacts, travel, appointments, meetings, reports, etc of the senior employees would be handled by their personal assistants. Today there are several entrepreneurs who manage businesses from their homes too. They may not have a commercial set up to run their business. In such a case the role of the virtual assistant steps in. A virtual assistant is one who manages duties similar to a personal assistant, but in an online manner. Companies offering such servies include Habiliss, and Get Friday. The virtual assistant is not present physically in front of you but does all the work which can be delegated to someone. Lot of things in the business front may not be critical but definitely need to be done.

Advantages :

  • Eases time pressure from doing non critical but important jobs
  • Gives more quality time otherwise spent on mundane jobs
  • Better focus on more important issues
  • Better productivity as a person and boosts the performance also

Areas of usage :

  • Checking and filtering emails and even responding to simple mails
  • Travel plans- both personal and official
  • Book keeping of accounts
  • Data entry and scrutiny of existing data like proof reading
  • Gathering information to improve business
  • Help in building contacts and related activities like meetings, appointments,etc.

Tips to get the best out of a virtual assistant

  • Have more than one assistant to avoid problems if one quits abruptly as these services are available online and one should have a backup.
  • Always have a separate email id to communicate with them. It will be easier to monitor tasks given to the virtual assistant.
  • Start with small tasks to judge the efficiency and then delegate the tasks accordingly.
  • For bigger projects, give small quantities of work in a scheduled manner to complete the whole project.
  • Regular communication with the assistant to get the job done smoothly. If a delegated task is to be completed after a month, it needs to be monitored regularly to remove defects instead of waiting for the month end.
  • Give clear cut instructions related to the job assigned. Unclear instructions will not give satisfactory output from the virtual assistant.
  • Motivate and look beyond just getting work done and if necessary give training to the assistant on related jobs to be assigned to them.
  • Keep a tab on the assistant and just leave the job assigned loosely because it is better to be cautious than being caught unaware.
  • With the help of these tips, one can get the best out of a virtual assistant and lead a more relaxed and better quality life.

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