holiday rentals in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – this is the city, the city of Angels. The city in which I learned lessons about life, love, and pain. From Hollywood to Venice Beach, from Beverly Hills to Orange County… there literally is a story in every corner of this beautiful, vibrant metropolis.

As a newlywed, I wanted to show my wife – a dyed in the wool East Coaster – how LA was. For our first vacay, I knew LA was the place, and that holiday rentals in Los Angeles were worth looking into. We wanted to take some friends along – three other couples, and so we knew a hotel just wouldn’t cut it. Luckily, the Internet is our friend when it comes to researching these options.

We’d all had good years – a few of us trade derivatives – and we knew we wanted to be someplace plush. Why not Beverly Hills? Wifey scoffed when I mentioned a penthouse out there – made some comment about Jed Clampett and Texas Tea – until I showed her what I’d reserved for us and our compadres. A swank penthouse in the heart of 90210.

Oh, the amenities! A Jacuzzi and three TVs – not that we were around much to watch them, except when a few games were on. And we were so close to Melrose and the Chinese theater, to mention just two nearby attractions. By the end of that trip, my wife was singing me Randy Newman’s “I Love LA”. She’s always made noise about being East Coast for Life, but now, I think she may have finally figured out why I have never fully let go of my feelings for this grand, beautiful city, with its charms and its singular appeal.

Holiday rentals in Los Angeles? Highly recommended!

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