How To Organise A Group Holiday

If you’re going on holiday with a group of friends and it’s fallen to you to organise it, you will probably be wondering where to start. There is a lot to consider when you’re travelling en masse – such as whether you will be travelling by coach, car or plane, and what your budget will be – so you need to start planning early to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. The best way to do this job and ensure everybody is happy is to get them all involved. Don’t try to make all the decisions yourself but instead make each person responsible for one particular aspect, and then ensure that you as the main organiser have all the information to hand.

First of all, confirm how many people are going to be going on the trip so you know how to divide up the tasks. It makes sense for the travel, accommodation etc to be booked all at once to make sure that there are enough place for everyone. This means that the money will probably have to come from one person’s account so make sure you put one member of the group in charge of ensuring that everybody pays up.

The next thing to do is decide where everybody wants to go: this will involve some kind of brainstorming session. Make sure everybody has their say and if possible try to find an option that caters to everybody’s tastes. Obviously everyone will have different ideas of what constitutes an enjoyable holiday, so try to find one that includes as many different elements as possible. If you’re going abroad, find somewhere with places of interest as well as outdoor activities for the more energetic amongst you. If you’re staying closer to home to save money, a coach trip to your destination can be a good idea because you will often stop off at several different places on the way.

Once you know where you want to go, work out exactly how much everybody can afford to spend. This is important because it will determine where you stay, how long you can go for, what you can afford to spend on food and entertainment, and what means of travel you will use. Then choose a member of the group with a head for figures to be in charge of ensuring you don’t exceed your budget. If your collective pool of money falls very short of what you want then you may want to look at some methods of raising funds for the trip. Use your initiative: You could all, for example, take on some temporary evening work, or maybe sell some unwanted items on eBay.

Travel arrangements are the next important item on the agenda, so one person should be in charge of booking these as well. If you’re going abroad then you should be looking at cheap flights as far in advance as possible to make your budget stretch further. Interrailing can be an excellent low-cost option for groups. If you’re staying in the UK then a coach trip can be a lot of fun: you will meet like-minded people along the way and have the opportunity to stop off at areas of interest along the way. You will find that there are some excellent coach holiday deals out there if you shop around.

Booking accommodation is the next thing on the agenda. Naturally this will be greatly affected by your group budget. If you’re really strapped for cash or you don’t plan to be spending much time in your room then a youth hostel may suit you fine. If, however, some members of your group want a more relaxing holiday with comfortable accommodation then bear in mind that booking a holiday house between you will work out a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel for several nights.

Lastly, make sure that everybody has sufficient travel insurance in case you run into difficulties at any point. If you want to be extra-organised then it can be helpful to print out a brief itinerary for everybody. This doesn’t have to be very detailed (you’re not planning a business trip after all) but it could include departure times, any useful phone numbers and, if you have pre-booked any outings, it can list the times and dates of these as well.

Author Bio: Chris is a marketing consultant working for Britannia Coaches, which is UK mini bus hire company based in Dover Kent UK

Summary: If it’s fallen to you to organise a holiday for a group of friends, there will be lots to think about. This article looks at what you need to factor in, and how you can delegate to make the job easier.


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