How to Save on Business Travel

London is the main business hub of the United Kingdom, and people regularly travel to London from all over the world to conduct business. However, the cost of business travel can really mount up over time, and many business travellers find that they need to track down special deals. What follows is a few tips on how to save money on business travel.

People who regularly have to fly to different parts of the UK to conduct business meetings may be able to save money by choosing to always fly with the same airline or perhaps a few select airlines. Many airlines offer special loyal cards for regular fliers, and there are special bonuses available to people who take regular trips, including air miles, which can be exchanged for flights, car hire and a wide range of other goodies.

The cost of car hire can be rather high, and hiring a car each time that business travellers need to drive to and from a meeting can be prohibitive. However, investing in a company car can really help to cut costs. Another cost effective way of keeping a company car is to look into signing a long term lease, perhaps for one or two years at a time with a certain company.

The cost of travel on Fridays and Mondays is generally much higher than other times of the week. It is possible to make large savings by simply avoiding travelling on those days of the week and arranging meetings for halfway through the week instead.

Most of the largest and most prominent offices and business centres are located in the Docklands area of London. Business travellers who choose to stay in a hotel in this part of the city will be able to make significant savings on the cost of travelling around London. The great thing about choosing to stay in this part of London is that business travellers will be able to save time as well as money.

Travelodge’s hotel in London Docklands offer special deals and discounts for business travellers to take advance of. All of these hotels offer special onsite business facilities such as meeting rooms and other business rooms that are fully stocked with technology such as phones and fax machines. Many of the leading hotels also offer secretarial services, which is ideal for people who have a lot of work to do.

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