Save Money on Summer Holidays

Summer holidays can be both a blessing and a curse – a blessing because summer can be a great time to go abroad and a curse because it’s usually expensive. Families with children are often a captive audience when it comes to summer holidays, and they often end up paying a premium for flights and accommodation for precisely this reason.

However, there are some smart ways to cut the cost of a summer holiday to the bare minimum. Finding cheap flights is always difficult during high summer, but budget comparison websites such as can ease the process. Skyscanner also includes a fantastic feature that enables travellers to search for the cheapest flights available during a particular month or even a whole year – this can save time on the laborious task of investigating different dates for the lowest rates.

Once you make it to your dream destination, try to keep your spending under control. We all suffer from the holiday spending bug, but keeping a close eye on your finances despite the high spirits can help to spare you trouble later on. Few things are worse than coming back home to a collosal credit card bill.

Another excellent way to keep costs low is to find holiday apartments to rent via wimdu rather than paying for hotel accommodation during one of the most expensive parts of the year. Although savings can be made through Wimdu throughout the year, these are often most pronounced during periods when hotel prices soar to exorbitant heights.

So before you abandon your dreams of a glamorous American getaway this August, it is worth checking Wimdu to see if someone is offering an affordable rate. Some lucky holidaymakers have reported finding rooms in Los Angeles from 20 pounds/night – an admirable feat of penny-pinching if ever there was one!

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