The History of Muay Thai in Thailand and Present Day Training Camps

Muay Thai, or “The Art of Eight Limbs” is a form of close combat in which the whole body is used as a weapon. Going back to its very early origins in India and Thailand, Muay Thai has always been a popular sport among Thailanders. Thailand’s present king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, is an huge fan of Muay Thai, and its popularity is now greater than ever. A great demand for training camps comes with the great popularity of the sport, and many training camps are being opened in Thailand to accommodate the needs of the many who wish to become experts and possible champions in Muay Thai.
Typically in most Muay Thai camps, a student can expect to be worked very hard by their instructor, or Kru. Students work very hard on bags and other pads, and they learn many blocks, kicks, punches and defense moves. However, their skills will be tested when they begin to spar. This is when two boxers fight in a 16×16 ring. It is a long journey before a student can start to spar. Sometimes, students at a training camp never spar throughout their whole careers, and just do Muay Thai for the health benefits, which are substantial. A student does not have to if they do not want to, but it is a great way to learn to defend punches, fight, and test what they have learned in training. Many say it is very intimidating, and they are right! In a 16×16 ring, there is not a lot of room to hide from your opponent, and if you are not trained properly for sparring, you will definitely regret getting in the ring. A very recommended type of training at home is to work your core by doing many pushups and crunches. It is also recommended that a student run so they can have a higher endurance when they are sparring.

It is difficult to say which training camp in Thailand it the best, but one that gets countless 5 star reviews is Suwit muay thai gym at Lamai beach on the island of Koh Phuket. This beautiful establishment has many trainers who are former champions, and they have taught many students who are now champions. This is a great place to learn Muay Thai, and they truly represent why Muay Thai is the best sport here in Thailand!

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