The Most Recommended Vacation Ideas for Summer Travel in Asia

Summer is the perfect time to have a vacation and surely the tropical areas are the most favorite vacation destination. Of course you need to spend a lot of money for a vacation but it’s worth it as long as you can enjoy your vacation in your favorite place. Instead of spending so much money on a vacation destinations like in Hawaii, Honolulu and some other pacific islands having some vacations in some Asian countries can surely safe a lot of money since they’re commonly are so much cheaper.

Asia is a great continent where there are so many countries in it so there are definitely so many interesting vacation spots you can find in this continent. This continent surely can meet any of your vacation ideas whether you’d like to climb the highest mountains or exploring the tropical rain forest you can find them all in Asia. One of the great Asian vacation destinations is Thailand since there are plenty of beautiful tropical beaches such as the famous Phuket beach and Phi Phi island which also has beautiful white sanded beach.

You can also visit Bali in Indonesia that also has various wonderful tropical beaches such as Kuta and Legian beach on the south, Lovina beach on the north and Padang Bai on the west coast. Besides unique tradition, arts and cultures of the local people remain preserved well in Bali which also has become the great vacation attractions. Of course whether you’d like to visit Thailand or Bali you don’t have to spend so much money since all accommodations and foods are cheap there. The souvenirs are also extremely affordable too so if you’re a person who are in extremely tight budget these vacation destinations may be a good choice to go though. Well, such a nice vacation doesn’t have to be expensive and glamorous, right? Just make sure you enjoyed the time well.

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