Wine Tasting Tips

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If we have a chance to follow a wine tasting event, then make sure to participate because we will have a great chance to taste various wines and even rare wines. If this is going to be our first time, these tips can be helpful. First, just like when we take wine, on wine tasting, we will be given with tulip glass. Tulip glass is chosen not only because it is beautiful, but also because it protects us from wine splash when we swirl the wine. When holding the glass, make sure to hold the feet. Some said that it is okay to hold the glass because the wine won’t stay for too long to be affected by our hand temperature, but it had better to stick with the rule.

Second, pour a small amount of wine, so we can save a lot of space for the aroma to build and extra space for the swirl. Third, one thing that is actually less essential is to adore at the depth and color of the wine. However, if we want to compare wines, this process can be so important. To help us to compare the color, we can hold a tissue to outside the glass. Wine appearance or color can be divided into bright red, dull, dense, clear, flat, luminous, opaque and deep.

After we adore the scent and color of the wine, we can start tip and sip it. Before we swallow the wine, make sure to let it stay in the mouth. Breathe and feel the scent of the wine on the nasal cavity. Chew the wine a little bit and swallow it. If we are looking for the best Sonoma Wine Tasting experience, we can go to

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