3 Ideas for a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Are you and your partner dying for a break, but have both used up your vacation time? You don’t need a full week off work to recharge together. Catch a flight or make the drive immediately after business hours on Friday and return first thing Monday morning. Here are three romantic weekend date ideas that will take you away from it all.

Bed and Breakfast on the Beach

If it’s the middle of winter and you’re sick of the cold, a weekend on the beach is just what you need. Look for a charming bed and breakfast Key West FL or whatever beach is closest and enjoy some serious relaxation time. Your experience will be much more personal than a hotel room and will provide just the right amount of privacy.

Explore Your City

If you don’t have the time or money to get out of town for a weekend, take advantage of what’s in your backyard. Skip your usual favorite restaurant and check out that jazz club you’ve both been eyeing, go swing dancing or book a luxurious couples day at the spa. You might be surprised at all the activities your city has to offer.

Cabin in the Woods

Craving some time away from the big city but don’t know the first thing about camping? Look for cabin vacation rentals, a renovated Air Stream or yurt that you and your significant other can cozy up in together. Take advantage of the spotty cell reception and enjoy a campfire or a long morning hike. Time spent in nature can be extremely beneficial to your mental health and will leave you both feeling refreshed.

There are plenty of fun options for a weekend escape with your partner. Use the above list as a jumping-off point to start planning your perfect mini-vacation.

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