How to Finally Finish Writing Your Novel

Creative pursuits can energize you in a way that no other activity can; for you, that means writing. Perhaps you started writing your memoir or you thought of the perfect murder mystery plot. However, like many writers, you cannot seem to find the time and motivation to finish your book amidst the demands of work and daily life. How can you dust off that unfinished manuscript and finally accomplish your goal?

Go Away

Get away from the daily distractions that keep you from your computer. Figure out what landscapes inspire you and surround yourself accordingly. If lush tropical beaches motivate you, check out monthly rentals Hanalei HIon Kauai. Whatever location you choose should be close enough to civilization that you can run out for a quick bite to eat, but secluded enough that neighbors will not complain if you type into the wee hours of the morning. 

Reach Out

Call them your advisory board, accountability partners or simply mom and dad. The point is, if you have someone to answer to, you are more likely to keep working. On social media and in writing clubs, you can find writer accountability groups, where members exchange work and critique each other on a weekly basis. If you prefer something less formal, ask a friend to text you a few times a month with a quick question like, “How is the book coming?”

Schedule Writing Time

Many successful authors say they viewed writing as a job long before receiving royalty checks. You need to prioritize your writing by scheduling time for it, just as you schedule time for important tasks at work. Devote an hour or more to your book every day, even it if means getting up early, hiding in your bedroom after dinner or working after everyone else has gone to bed. You may lose some sleep but the satisfaction you gain by finishing your novel will be more than worth it.

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