Three Things They Don’t Tell You About Owning a Boat

Buying a boat is likely one of the most exciting days of your life. Boat owners laughingly say the word actually stands for Bust Out Another Thousand because of the costs associated with owning a water vehicle. When you buy the right boat though, you can easily afford all the costs of owning and maintaining it, check out more options at Merritt Supply first. Whether you shop online, look at vehicles for sale in a local marina or want to buy one brand new from a local shop, there are three things you should look at that other boat owners may not necessarily mention.

General Maintenance

In the same way that you maintain your car, you need to maintain your boat. While it may not require regular oil changes and fluid top offs, you do need to regular maintenance checks every few months. Check the hull for signs of holes or damage, ensure that the engine runs properly and pay special attention to any signs of rust. Before you put your boat away from the winter, winterize it properly. You should also do a full inspection before you take that boat out on the water for the first time the following season.

Storage Fees

Many boat owners do not talk about how much they spend on storage fees every year. Depending on where you live and how often you use that boat, you might save money storing it at home. Keeping it in your garage lets you protect it from weather hazards and have it on hand every time you want to hit the water. If you do need to store it, consider storing it in a storage facility instead of at a marina. Many of these facilities offer both indoor and outdoor storage options that cost much less than what marinas charge.

Boat Repairs

Before you buy a new or used boat, make sure that you look at some of the costs associated with repairing that boat. You can look online for Attwood replacement parts and replacement parts for other models. This lets you see exactly how much those components cost. Looking at the amount of experience required for those repairs will give you an idea of whether you can do the job yourself. You can even see what mechanics and technicians charge for that work. The more you know about owning a boat, the fewer surprises you’ll come across in the future.

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